Welcome to ICoMST 2014

Dear Participants,

The members of the Organizing Committee of the "60th International Congress of Meat Science and Technology" (ICoMST) have the great pleasure and honor to invite and introduce you to ICoMST 2014, which will be held between the 17th to the 23nd August 2014, in Punta del Este, Uruguay.

The main motto of the Congress is the "Nature & Innovation with due respect” for the global meat industry. Since Archimedes invented the lever to move water uphill and the Romans built their famous aqueducts, mankind has tried to transform its natural resources through the use of technology.

With a world population of over seven billion people, the increase in food demand to unforeseen levels is a fact that worries.

From Uruguay, where the temperate climate and an abundance of clean water are ideal to develop production systems and livestock graze freely on the open range, innovation and science are helping to make smarter use of these natural resources that are essential for life.

Being Uruguay the host of ICoMST 2014, a wonderful natural environment is a vital part of the attraction, which is the fact of having Punta del Este as our meeting point.

Punta del Este is internationally recognized as one of the top beaches in America and being one of the most exclusive and glamorous resort. It is just an hour and a half away from the nation's capital, Montevideo. Adding to this excellent environment, the well-known Uruguayan’s friendship and hospitality allow the opportunity to learn about our culture and traditions.

Over 500 participants from more than 50 countries are expected to participate in the 60th ICoMST, which will be organized in Uruguay for the first time. Uruguay will offer in 2014 an excellent opportunity to share and exchange knowledge, experiences and ideas between all agents involved in the meat industry around the world.  During this Congress, it will be created an attractive and open atmosphere where scientists, producers, processors, supplier companies, policy makers, and other key members of the global meat industry will share scientific knowledge, general information and discuss about innovative technology solutions to face the challenges and opportunities of the Industry during the 21st century.  Attendees will be able to contact with the work done in the Uruguayan meat industry (research centers, farms, slaughter plants, etc.).

The scientific program includes 10 plenary and parallel sessions, where 31 national and international speakers, worldwide recognized, will share their knowledge in different topics such as: 60 years of ICoMST´s congresses, trends in meat science and technology, meat and sustainability, consumer preferences and perceptions, meat quality, meat safety, meat processing and packaging, meat nutritive value and human health, animal welfare, meat biochemistry, genetics and meat quality, hot topics, etc. In addition, 24 short oral presentations will be performed from the selected papers presented to the Congress´s proceedings.
For both, for the benefit of delegates and accompanying persons, several scientific, cultural, scenic and historic -one day- tours will be included in the program, given to this Congress an especial attraction. Selected social events are part of this unique Congress, where delegates and accompanying persons will socialize and experience Uruguayan culture and friendship.   

The main body organizations responsible of the organization of ICoMST 2014 are INIA (National Institute of Agricultural Research), INAC (National Institute of Meat), LATU (Technological Laboratory of Uruguay) and AUPA (Uruguayan Association of Animal Production. We are really excited, confident and honored to host our visitors in Uruguay during this ambitious and unique 5 days Congress.

We count with your strong support.


Organizing Committee